Best Devices for Mobile Slots

Mobile SlotsTechnologies are improving and updating at an unbelievable rate, each day there is some innovation  done and new technology invented. This is also true for mobile and tablet market. There are probably hundreds of brands that are making phones and tablets, some are obviously better than others, but still – choosing one is certainly not an easy task.

If you’ve come to this page, you have some sort of interest in mobile slots or mobile casino games. That’s great, as this article will serve you as a guide for choosing a device that will provide you with the best gaming experience. These devices won’t be able to run only casino games, if you like to play normal games and run some app’s, the will be a perfect fit for you!

There are a few technical requirements, that have to be fulfilled, in order for the device to qualify as a good one:

  • Large, bright and high resolution screen
  • Strong hardware – processor, RAM etc.
  • Runs on one of the widely supported operating system (Android, iOS and others)

These are top 3 devices for mobile slots play

iPhone 4S is the latest model of the popular phone device, made by by Apple. It features Dual Core A5 chip, which provides 2 times better speed and up to 7 times faster graphics, compared to the old version of iPhone. It’s also really power efficient, which is important when playing mobile slots – Apple advertises it’s battery life as two times longer than the previous version. This device also features a ”Retina” display, advertised as the best and most vibrant screen any phone has ever had. You’ll be able to notice the different vs. other phones, as ”Retina” will feature crisper text, sharper colours and even more stunning graphics. As loyal iPhone users ourselves, this is the Nr.1 choice without a doubt!

Samsung Galaxy 3 is a new model for the popular Galaxy phone series by Samsung. New model features a 4.8 inch AMOLED screen, with ultra fast response time, as said by Samsung. There’s also an improvement for the download speed, a new technology called LTE will guarantee the best download speed possible and it will only get better!  2,100 mAh battery will guarantee that your mobile slots experience will last for a while! This is certainly a nice alternative to iPhone for those with a lower budget!

iPad is the world’s most popular tablet, which isn’t surprising as it’s made by Apple! Note that iPad is name of the latest model of this tablet – yes, even newer than iPad 2. It features a huge 9.7 Inch ”Retina” display, same as the latest iPhone. When compared to the screen of iPad 2, there really is a clear difference – an improvement. Tablet also features a new A5 X processor, which takes speed of device to a completely new level. iPad’s tailored for mobile slots and the only reason for it not taking the first spot in this listing, is because it’s not all that handy. You can’t just put it in your jeans pocket. If you can, buy it – it’s a no brainer!

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