Party Poker Review

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While the Party Poker name has been around for more years than most of us would care to remember, it is important to remember that the current Party Poker site has had an evolution compared to the earlier model. This is down to the fact that the poker room is now part of the digital entertainment model! This is the biggest online gaming business the world has ever seen and it came about in March of 2011 thanks to the merger between PartyGaming and bwin. Poker is just one strand of what the company offers to clients but with such a strong online gaming array, it is easy to see why so many players are confident about using Party Poker and the digital entertainment group for online gaming action.

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In total, at the point of checking in July 2013, there are 20 different languages listed in the language dropdown box on the Party Poker site. It is important to keep checking back regularly as this number has been rising steadily in recent years and there may be more additions by the time you come to check this out. All of the main European languages are catered for but there are also Asian languages provided by the site as well.

Another indicator that the Party Poker room is dedicated to provide a great room for players of all different languages comes with the fact that there is a French Party Poker room, a Spanish Party Poker room and an Italian Party Poker room in addition to the main room with the different language options. This is a great addition to the site and is an indicator of how seriously Party Poker takes the European market. The number of dedicated poker rooms for individual languages are also growing all the time, so again, it is worth your while checking these out on a regular basis.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus provided by Party Poker has been outlined extensively in many places but it never hurts to go over the bonus once more. New players to the site who make a deposit in $, € or £ have the chance to earn a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $500, €325 or £250. The bonus is split into 10 segments and then provided to players as they earn Party Points. All players have 120 days to collect their bonus but it is important to know that there are different criteria attached to different currencies.

Players who are playing $ (US or Canadian) will have to earn 8 times their bonus amount, players playing in € will have to earn 10 times their bonus amount and players playing in £ will have to earn 12 times their bonus amount.

Bonus Code

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The Party Poker site likes to keep things fresh on site and they offer up a number of regular tournaments and promotions for players over a short period of time. In the summer of 2013, some of the events available on site included the Road To Old Trafford, the $5,000 Bankroll Booster and the Fast Forward challenge.

These were, respectively, a satellite event providing entry to a big poker tournament taking place at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, a weekly poker tournament with a prize pool of $5,000 on offer and a leader board game where players pick up points by playing the speed poker game, Fast Forward Poker.

The fact that there are regular sit n go, tournament and speed poker promotions provide players with an added incentive to play these games and most players should find that there is an incentive to head back to Party Poker on a regular basis.


When it comes to big tournaments, poker sites don’t have many bigger tournaments than the $200,000 Guaranteed Sunday event. The buy-in for this event stands at $215 but with satellite events taking place throughout the week, there are plenty of opportunities to play your way for big money without spending a lot of money.

When it comes to tournaments at Party Poker, new players get the chance to join in the action straight away. More importantly, new players get the chance to pit their wits against other new players so there is not a likelihood of experienced Party Poker players lying in wait to pick off new players. This should provide all new players with a greater degree of confidence. Every Saturday at 7pm GMT, there is a $1,500 new player freeroll tournament, which is open to all new players on the site.

Party Poker Freerolls

Party Poker provides a great deal of freeroll events for new poker players and there is $50,000 on offer in the prize pool for freerolls every month. There are also freeroll events which are separated into players of certain countries so if you prefer to play against players from the same country or same region, you can do so with ease. Given the importance that Party Poker places on providing a lot of languages, this is an opportunity for you to engage with fellow poker players in the language you feel most comfortable with.

Sit n go games and tournaments are provided from as little as $1 and these games are pretty popular on site. The fact that tables fill up on a first come and first served basis ensures that the players at the table actually want to be there and if you are looking for poker action with a bit of zip, the sit n go tables are the place to be.

The multi-table tournament is the most popular option when it comes to online poker and they form the backdrop of most of the play on the Party Poker site. Other tournaments available on the Party Poker site include:

  • Shootout tournaments
  • Satellite tournaments
  • Heads Up tournaments
  • Bounty tournaments

All of these separate tournaments have their own personality and nature which makes them ideal for players that are looking to find a poker tournament that best suits their needs and requirements.

Deposit Options

Party Poker goes out of its way to make the deposit methods very simple and the site will guide you through the process. First of all, you select the region or country you are playing in and this will then leave all the available deposit methods available to you. Not every country has the same option so this is a good step to ensure that you only see the deposit methods that are relevant to you.

You will then have a choice to filter in or out the deposit method types that you are looking for or that you wish to avoid. Players can select from:

  • Credit / Debit cards
  • e-wallets
  • Bank transfer
  • Prepaid cards and vouchers
  • Other

Selecting an option will ensure that the deposit methods that you are left with are the ones that meet your needs, making it much easier and convenient to find the deposit method you are looking for.

It is important to not assume that just because a site is big and popular that it is any good. However, there is clearly a reason why over 30 million people have downloaded the Party Poker software and made this their number one choice when it comes to online poker.

The welcome bonus is a good starting place and being able to get a 100% matched deposit in the currency of your own choosing will always help players to get off to a good start. There are lots of promotions available on site so no matter when you log in, there will be a chance to find something that takes your interest. Whether you prefer satellite events, sit n go games, or big money tournaments, there will always be something on the Party Poker schedule that stands out. With a great level of customer service provided by the site, including email, live chat and telephone options, there will always be a chance to speak to a Party Poker employee if there is a need to.

There is no getting away from the fact that Party Poker is a poker room that is reliable and can provide something for every style of poker player and personality.