Citadel Commerce Poker

What is Citadel Commerce?

Citadel Commerce is a popular online poker payment method that is safe, reliable and fast. It has spent years earning the reputation as a secure was to transfer your funds in and out of your account. Citadel Commerce allows you to move your cash directly from your bank account into the account of your chosen poker room. It’s instant, and works with international sites as well. Not only can you buy in at an affordable standard bank transfer fee but your money will effortlessly be available whenever you need it.

How does it work?

Initially you should have either an American bank account or a Canadian bank account to use Citadel Commerce. Go online to their website and sign up for free. Once your identity has been verified and authenticated you can deposit money into your new account. E-checks seem to be the most effective way of transferring funds for this service. Find the poker room you would like to use, click it as your payment option and you will be sent to a secure page where you can fill in the details of your e-check. It will then appear in your poker account as credits or chips in real time! No hassles, just easy gambling.

How do I get my money out if I win?

You have won some money from your favourite poker room, but how do you get it into your bank account so that you can use it? Citadel Commerce provides you with a number of convenient ways to transfer money back into your account. You can use a bank draft option and have the poker place the money back into your e-commerce account where it can then be directly deposited into your personal bank account. Alternatively you can receive a check directly from the poker room, or choose from a variety of simple methods, even put your money into your credit/debit card. There are small fees involved with withdrawing your money from Citadel Commerce, but they are one of the cheapest and most efficient online.

What are the advantages of using Citadel Commerce?

  • Citadel Commerce boasts a multi lingual, multi currency service that enables you to play almost anywhere online where they have it as a payment method.
  • They have a state of the art security service, fraud detection and believe in the utmost privacy of all of your private information and banking details.
  • The e-check service can be a huge benefit; this is because there is a set fee, a limit to how much they can charge per e-check sent. Sometimes when you win a large amount and a payment site does not have the e-check option they can charge you a percentage fee that will cost you a lot more money.

What are the disadvantages of using Citadel Commerce?

  • Though they have round the clock support to get it you have to either request additional information or ask them via email. This may take up to several days.
  • If an e-check ever bounces from you your limit may not increase.