Instacash Poker

What is Instacash?

Instacash works simultaneously with Neteller to help you deposit money fast, when looking to play online. These two services add up to instant reliable gaming and a way of transferring your money to the poker room you want, in very little time at all. Now because Instacash hinges on Neteller, one of the biggest and safest online money transfer services, you have nothing to worry about when you need to deposit or withdraw cash. It’s easy and well worth the extra two minutes to open a Neteller account. With Instacash you use your personal check account to upload money onto whatever poker site you would like to use.

How does it work?

Use Instacash to transfer money to your Neteller account. This means you will have to open a Neteller account. Go to their website and register. You must give them the details of your check account so that Instacash can be used to route it to your new Neteller account and from there to the poker room of your choice. These personal financial details are necessary, but rest assured that the Neteller security systems will make sure they are secure and won’t be leaked out onto the internet. To use the Instacash function you will be asked three short multiple choice questions. Once they have verified your identity you can transfer funds. This works exactly like a bank transfer, you will need to request the transfer of funds and within seconds they should be in your Neteller account where you can then deposit them into a poker room account. You will have an initial $750 maximum deposit but in time that will increase. There is a small percentage fee taken from every amount deposited.

How do I get my money out if I win?

Because Instacash works with Neteller you also have the many withdrawal options they provide. It’s affordable and as simple as choosing the preferred method of transfer back into your bank account. Use their check function or member wire, or the most popular Instacash direct withdrawal. Use a bank transfer or Net+, the card that enables you to draw money from ATM’s. There is a seven percent fee per transaction via Instacash.

What are the advantages of using Instacash?

  • Other EFT services take days to clear, but Instacash is instant allowing you to play whenever the mood strikes!
  • Neteller is one of the world’s largest poker payment methods and their advanced security reflects this. Modern encryption software will keep your money safe.
  • If you fail to answer the security questions correctly a small amount of money will be placed in your bank account in a few days where you can then verify that it id yours.

What are the disadvantages of using Instacash?

  • Sign up for Neteller and Instacash to use them both.
  • Like all payment methods you begin with a limit on your deposits and withdrawals.