Ukash Poker

What is Ukash?

Ukash has revolutionized the way we see online payment methods. Its new and its here to stay. There are no tedious credit checks or screenings, gone are the days where you have to prove your identity to the service provider. You don’t even have to register! Ukash is as simple as going down to your corner store to buy milk. It’s a voucher system that is converted to digital cash online. Buy vouchers and spend them on your favourite Poker site. This new way to buy chips online has no limits; the more vouchers you buy the more you can spend. Safer than any other online payment method in existence, Ukash doesn’t require any financial details from you at all. It’s like paying for chips at your local casino, from cash to e-cash. You can even buy the vouchers with your credit card, so no more card frustrations online either.

How does it work?

Ukash has hit Europe and the United Kingdom, becoming the easiest and most effective way to buy poker chips online. It’s as simple as buying prepaid electricity for your house, go to your nearest shop and request the Ukash voucher, it’s that easy. You will be asked how much credit you would like on your card and you will then buy that exact amount in cash, no sundry charges at all. Your voucher will have a 19 digit security code that you will be required to key in to play. Just choose Ukash as your payment option on any Poker site. The e-cash will immediately become credit and you can play, right away. Once a voucher is bought you have 12 months before it expires and the number becomes invalid. But here’s the best part about Ukash – you can have the vouchers sent to you via email or sent to your phone. So even if you can’t make it too the shops the vouchers are available anywhere at any time of the day.

How do I get my money out if I win?

As effective as Ukash is when depositing money online, that’s all it can do. It is not an online withdrawal method. When you win your vouchers will not be reloaded with credit and not be redeemable for cash. The poker room will be able to send your money to you through the post via a check. Alternatively you can open a secondary account where you can then either deposit it into your personal bank account or draw it out with a card.

What are the advantages of using Ukash?

  • There are no sundry fees with Ukash, no levies, deposit fees, transaction or account fees. What you pay for is what you get. Key in the code and play.
  • You can use your Ukash vouchers on other sites as well. If you spend some of the amount you will still retain the rest to be used elsewhere, change does not fall away.
  • There is a well organized support system in place for people who want to know more about Ukash or who have any questions. The call centre is more than willing to help.
  • Your email address is the only personal piece of information required if you buy the vouchers via the internet. There is no safer payment method online today.

What are the disadvantages of using Ukash?

  • Like so many other payment options, Ukash is not yet available to US Residents.
  • Ukash is a deposit method and cannot be used as a withdrawal method as well.
  • Because the vouchers are virtually anonymous there will be no record of what you spend at each poker site.