900 Pay Poker

What is 900 Pay?

900 Pay is a safe and reliable phone in service widely available. If you are tired of endlessly typing in your credit card details into sites that look rather dubious, 900 Pay gives you a quicker, easier option. The reason 900 Pay exists is thanks to the innovative brothers Mark and Andre Itwaru who saw the need for a pick up and dial money transfer service. No more credit card fraud risks. Now you don’t have to touch any online banking at all, nothing is required of you online other than sitting and playing a few hands in your favourite Poker room. A trusted service, 900 pay lends calm and enjoyment where there would otherwise be struggle and stress. For a simple alternative to online banking, all you as the client have to do is pick up and call a number posted on their website. A nominal amount is then taken from your account for the transaction as your cash is moved to your new 900 Pay account. There are many online poker rooms that accept 900 Pay, you’ll never have to use another method.

How does it work?

Imagine desperately wanting to play but you can’t because the charges from your bank account are crippling your online playing time. With 900 Pay you’ll never have to worry about that again. The bill comes with your phone bill, and added neatly – the amount you requested. Simply call the toll number from home and request the amount you would like to play with, no personal information need be given. A minor age verification will be run and you should be able to prove the phone line belongs to you. Later that month you will be charged the bill. You must add at least $20 credit and have a limit of $50 a day. They will allow $5000 per month per account in America and $150 maximum in Canada.

How do I get my money out if I win?

The time has come for you to draw out your winnings from a particularly lucky night. What do you do? Unfortunately 900 Pay is a one way only system. It can take your money but can’t give it back. Therefore you will be forced to withdraw your winnings from the casino itself and have it either sent to via check or bank draft. Sending money by bank draft takes a long time. You can expect to have it in your account seven working days after you have requested it. Your winnings from your 900 Pay account can also be placed into a secondary online account for withdraw like an EwalletXpress account. From there the money can easily be placed into your bank account.

What are the advantages of using 900 Pay?

  • 900 Pay is a trusted payment method used by many people and they have the utmost discretion when dealing with their customers. Any information given to them will remain confidential.
  • The entire conversation lasts minutes. It quick and as easy as talking to a friend on the phone. Your account is opened swiftly and soon you are ready for the Poker rooms.
  • The phone bill arrives at the end of the month, when you have money to pay it. With 900 Pay you can gamble during the month and only pay when the bill comes at the very end of it.
  • Open an account at no extra cost. The amount you ask for credited to your name is the only amount you are billed for.
  • They have a customer support line that is always available to their clients.

What are the disadvantages of using 900 Pay?

  • Because this service is telephonic it is only available to clients in the United States and Canada.
  • Although 900 Pay is widely accepted, there are casinos that do not use it and you will then have to use a secondary account or an alternative payment method.