Moneybookers Poker

What is Moneybookers?

For a fast, reliable way to transfer your funds, Moneybookers is the poker payment method for you. Moneybookers is one of the biggest and the best, with clients flocking to register because of its cheap fees and good reputation. With Moneybookers you can now deposit and withdraw funds from your account anytime, its really simple to use. As an international company used by clients in over thirty different countries worldwide Moneybookers has the most advanced currency exchange system online today.

How does it work?

It’s free to sign up for a Moneybookers account and as soon as you’ve registered you can send funds to any Poker site on the internet. Provide them with an email address and you’re good to go. Moneybookers functions by using your email to deposit and withdraw funds into and from your account into the account of your choice. To transfer funds into your new Moneybookers account do a direct bank transfer, use your credit card or your e-check option. E-checks are a cheap alternative when dealing with large amounts of money; all transaction fees are standard so you save when you use this service. For such a popular online payment method Moneybookers is reliably fast, clearing money instantly so that you can play when you want to. Depositing money from your new account into the poker room of your choice will cost you a mere 1% transaction fee.

How do I get my money out if I win?

Your night at the poker tables has been successful and you’ve won a sizeable amount, how do you draw that money out of Moneybookers? Simply supply your email address and the entire amount can then be deposited into your personal bank account. Withdraw your money the same way you deposited it, with an e-check, via credit card or bank transfer. These services have a small fee for each of them. It will cost you 1.80 Euros to have your money sent to your card or via bank transfer, whereas the e-check option will cost you 3.50 Euros. There is no set minimum amount that can be withdrawn from your account.

What are the advantages of using Moneybookers?

  • Moneybookers has a remarkably safe security network. Your personal information will be secure when accessing and using your account online.
  • You won’t ever have to deal with credit card rejection again. Moneybookers accepts deposits by your credit card and you can then use the money on any poker site you choose without any hassles.
  • Because Moneybookers is an international site you can use the service for any poker room, from anywhere in the world. There is no more need to worry about currency exchange conversions.

What are the disadvantages of using Moneybookers?

  • There are transaction fees for the use of your account. Currency conversion will cost you 1.75% which will be removed from your account.
  • They have an email help desk. At times it can often mean waiting days for a reply.