Switch/Maestro Poker

What is Switch/Maestro?

Switch and Maestro are online payment methods using debit cards to transfer money in and out of your account. They are more convenient that credit cards because they are vary rarely rejected. This is because when you deposit money from your Switch or Maestro cards into the poker room you wish to play in, the money comes off your account within two days. Credit card bills are paid at the end of every month. So fundamentally it’s like a straight deposit from your bank account, only you use your debit card to do it. Switch cards can be acquired worldwide, while Maestro is really only for residents of the United Kingdom. The cards are linked directly to your bank account so it’s a safe and reliable method of payment.

How does it work?

Both Switch and Maestro cards work the same way. Card in hand; find the poker room you wish to join. Then find the section where you can choose your payment option. Click on the card section and choose the Switch/Maestro method. Your card should be accepted immediately, without the hassle of trying to prove your identity. Enter the amount of money you want to have transferred from your bank account to the poker room account. Within seconds you will be buying chips with your poker credit and ready to play. If your card is rejected it is because there is not enough money in your account to cover the transaction. This includes the transaction fees. There is no limit to the amount you can bet as long as it is in your account, with a minimum bet of $20.

How do I get my money out if I win?

The great thing about international debit cards is that money can be replaced into your account the same way it went out. With Switch/Maestro all you have to do is request a withdrawal from the poker site and the money will be deposited straight back into your card. It’s easy and saves you the time it takes to open a secondary account. You can spend your winnings on your card, or draw the money from an ATM in cash.

What are the advantages of using Switch/Maestro?

  • A Switch/Maestro debit card is more convenient than a credit card. Your card will not be rejected as many credit cards are.
  • Switch/Maestro cards are so much safer than credit cards. You don not give so much personal information away and because they are linked to your bank account, you have the added security that the bank provides.
  • Switch is the better option when choosing between the two, though there are poker sites that couple them together.

What are the disadvantages of using Switch/Maestro?

  • Residents of the United States can not use Switch/Maestro cards as they are for players in the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • Subject to bank fees and sundry charges according to bank regulations.