Instadebit Poker

What is Instadebit?

Any poker room that supports the Instadebit payment method will be a joy to use because of the easy deposit and withdraw methods Instadebit provides. There is nothing better than a credible site that is not only reliable but completely free! Instadebit charges the casinos the fees that you would have been paying. Money is drawn directly from your personal bank account as a check so there aren’t any fees. For a safe way to transfer your funds, look no further than Instadebit.

How does it work?

Your personal bank account is able to link with your new Instadebit account, which means no extra costs, ever. Complete the simple step by step registration process, key in your financial details and personal information and you’re good to go. Instadebit identity will verify your information and activate your account. But don’t be fooled there is no secondary account; it’s all direct from your bank. Use Instadebit to buy into poker games online, find their link, create a username and deposit money into your poker account. There are no lengthy clearance times; it’s instant because it’s direct from the bank to the poker room.

How do I get my money out if I win?

It’s always a great feeling when you’ve spent the night holding your own in a savage game of online poker and then you win! But how do get the money out of the poker room? With Instadebit it’s as easy as depositing funds from your bank account. The poker room will place the funds back into your Instadebit holding account and from there you can either gamble elsewhere or send the money straight back into your personal bank account. It will however take 5 days to clear the deposit.

What are the advantages of using Instadebit?

  • Their security is top notch; they don’t take any chances with your personal financial details. With 128 bit encryption technology you can be sure your information will remain a secret.
  • Unlike many other money transfer services Instadebit is free! No deposit or withdrawal charges, account charges or sundry charges at all. This means you save in transfer costs and are likely to spend more money on chips because of it.
  • Instadebit is a holding account not a secondary account. Your money stays in your bank until it passes through Instadebit into the poker room of your choice. Just like betting at the casino.
  • Instadebit have three convenient methods to contact them incase you have any questions. Use email, phone them or chat with them online, another free service.

What are the disadvantages of using Instadebit?

  • As far as we know this service is exclusively available to Canadians only.
  • A fairly new online payment method, most of the poker sites online still have to get it as an option if they ever will. Unfortunately Instadebit is just a small Canadian company that means very little.