EwalletXpress Poker

What is EwalletXpress?

An easy and reliable poker payment method, EwalletXpress gives you the freedom to deposit money at almost any poker room and withdraw it again just as quickly. One of the largest and most trusted online payment methods today EwalletXpress with let you move your money with ease. Revered for its security and privacy settings it makes sitting at the poker tables a breeze. It completely eliminates the problems associated with credit card rejection, no more hassles necessary when you play. Real time direct transfers are available and all that is required of you if a short verification process when you register.

How does it work?

It works just like your wallet at home, only it’s in virtual space online. Register on their website and follow the easy steps to get yourself your own EwalletXpress account. Upload money into your virtual wallet to spend at any Poker site that accepts EwalletXpress as a payment method. Whatever your need, with this account you have a variety of convenient options to use to deposit or withdraw funds. If you have a Paypal account you can use it to transfer funds into your EwalletXpress account, or send an e-check directly from your own bank. E-checks do take a few days to clear. Canadians have the luxury of using their online bill payment options as well. You also get the added service called Xpressfunds that makes transfers convenient. All you have to do is register your current account on the site and everything is done from one account thereafter. Why not use 900 Pay to credit your account, its one call away? Money orders, bank wires the list of options is virtually endless. Your new account needs an average of 5 days to clear all funds that have been deposited into it. $50 minimum and $150 maximum per day will keep you playing for hours. Your limit will gradually increase once you have had the account for awhile.

How do I get my money out if I win?

Money that goes into your EwalletXpress account comes out just as easily. The Poker room can deposit your winnings into your account immediately as you win. Any of the above mentioned methods can be used but they take days to clear and there are generally more account charges involved.

What are the advantages of using EwalletXpress?

  • EwalletXpress can be used in the United States.
  • With any transaction that you make, whether depositing or withdrawing money, you can rest assured it will be safe. Their modern security system is top of the range, widely known as one of the safest online.
  • The website for EwalletXpress runs a help service that will guide you through any account problem you are faced with.

What are the disadvantages of using EwalletXpress?

  • When depositing money into your account there is a percentage fee that they take for using their service.
  • When withdrawing money from your account there is a percentage fee that they take for using their service.