Click2Pay Poker

What is Click2Pay?

Click2Pay is still one of the best ways to send and receive payments online. If you are tired of the credit card rejections on all of your favourite poker sites then this is a very attractive option for you. But no need to worry about working with your own bank account, you can still use your credit card. When you open your Click2Pay account you will be able to add funds via your card without the endless rejections and stress. Click2Pay is accepted on many poker sites and works as a go between for you and the new outlook on credit card fraud. Now you can safely and privately use your card anyway. No bank will refuse a deposit from a Click2Pay account!

How does it work?

There is a site online that you can go to and it’s as simple as registering. Click2Pay is very careful when it comes to your personal details and takes great pains to ensure that they are not only kept from any third parties but can only be accessed with your consent. Click2Pay will then confirm your information and you can begin to deposit money into that account for use online. Use a direct bank transfer from your own bank account or revert to using a card, either debit or credit both are accepted to charge your secure account. There are numerous poker sites online that accept Click2Pay, so once you have uploaded your funds into your new account you may spend them to buy chips and credit.

How do I get my money out if I win?

The great thing about Click2Pay is that once you have won, the casino will deposit the money back into your account. From there it’s a simple matter of returning the funds to your personal bank account. Otherwise feel free to select one of the poker sites own methods of return payment, as a posted check or number of other convenient ways. Click2Pay have unfortunately frozen the accounts that they are running from the United States. If you are resident there you will not be able to withdraw funds into your bank account. Instead you are advised to use another merchant site’s withdrawal options in the meantime.

What are the advantages of using Click2Pay?

  • When applying for a Click2Pay account you will be screened thoroughly before you are accepted. They have excellent security measures to ensure none of your private information goes missing. Encryption technology run in their computer centre ensures safe handling of your information.
  • For up to date records of every transaction, payment and receipt Click2Pay tracks everything for you. Keep your financial records in order and even be informed via email when a transaction has taken place.
  • There are no boundaries for Click2Pay. Play on international sites and win in your own currency as it converts it for you.

What are the disadvantages of using Click2Pay?

  • There are service charges for using your credit card with your account. Fees are deducted for services at 3% a transaction.
  • United States players will have to find an alternative payment method as Click2Pay will no longer accept account requests from them.
  • There have been reports of the Click2Pay debit card not working properly. Funds do not appear in the account or they cannot be taken from it for a time.