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If you know anything about the online gambling industry, chances are you’ve heard the praise of the PKR brand. Here at PKR Online, it is our goal to make sure online poker and casino fans do indeed hear of PKR, and get the most out of it using the best bonus code for PKR, as there is just something extraordinary about the PKR poker room and PKR casino that no avid gamer should miss out on.

It all started in 2006 when PKR took the online poker industry by storm, sweeping players off their feet with an exceptional presentation of the most realistic 3D graphics imaginable. In fact, PKR Poker looked more like a high-tech video game than the standard online poker room, with authentic player avatars that featured body language and behaviorisms, even chip tricks!

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Yes, PKR was, and is, the closest thing the Internet has ever seen to playing a real, live poker game. Few have tried to mirror the dramatic quality of PKR’s elite poker room, but only one other has succeeded. Ironically enough, that would be PKR itself when it launched PKR Casino in late 2007.

PKR Casino was established with the same virtual reality concept as its predecessor, giving online gambling enthusiasts the most realistic casino gaming experience available on the world wide web.

PKR CasinoNow, as you might imagine, PKR Poker and PKR Casino aren’t for everyone. It really depends on what you’re looking for in and online poker room and/or online casino. PKR is favored by players who thrive on the entertainment value of virtual reality, combined with real-money poker and casino action. If it’s speedy game play and instant gratification that drives you, you may be better off at somewhere like Poker Heaven or Noble Casino, where the software focuses on expedience over 3D graphic quality.

Not all computers were built to run the type of software that powers PKR brands, especially those sold 5 or more years ago. PKR is a bit of a resource hog, but any up to date system should be able to run it smoothly without any problems. A fast internet connection is also highly recommended.

PKR is extremely popular among Dutch players, as they offers both iDeal casino, as iDeal poker, as a preferred deposit method for Dutch players.

PKR Poker & Casino

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Here at PKR Online, we believe the PKR brand has initiated a new wave in online gambling technology, so much so that we’ve devoted this entire website to PKR’s extraordinary casino and online poker room. Spend a little time perusing our website, make sure to give PKR a try, maybe playing some free poker and casino games, and we think you’ll agree 🙂