UseMyBank Poker

What is UseMyBank?

When transferring money from account to account, it couldn’t be more simple than with the UseMyBank poker payment method. Work directly from your own personal bank account transferring funds with ease to any poker room of your choice. There is no clearance period required when using UseMyBank, the service is immediate and quick allowing you to buy your chips when you want them. This is an enormously popular payment method because of its convenience; there are rarely any better money transfer systems to use online than UseMyBank.

How does it work?

At UseMyBank you don’t need to register to hold an account, in fact it is the Poker room that registers with the service so that you don’t have to. Choose the payment option that suits you best from inside your own bank account, and pay to receive your chips. UseMyBank will then get hold of the Poker room and they will give you the credits to play with. Identical to paying you bills online. The UseMyBank interface will make buying in a pleasure. Shop around the internet for a poker site you would like to use and select the UseMyBank payment option in their online payment method section. To complete the transaction you must connect with your own bank account and transfer funds. The interface assists you by linking your account with the account of the Poker room; it tells them you have sent the money and expect chips/credits in return. There is a 1% transaction fee taken for every upload but it is paid by the Poker Room not the client.

How do I get my money out if I win?

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw funds into UseMyBank and then into your account. As an online payment method UseMyBank has no other function than the safe deposit of your money into another account. In this way they would like to eliminate the need to sign up with other providers and pay insurmountable fees. They do not succeed however, and most people will need to register with a second party account anyway if they want to withdraw their money. Poker rooms will send you a check on request but this may take a long time to be delivered. The most viable option is to select another account with low fees, one that has a direct transfer option or a card function so that you will be able to get cash from a local ATM.

What are the advantages of using UseMyBank?

  • UseMyBank has an exceptional security system that will keep your money safe during transfers. This coupled with the taught security of your own bank makes it as safe as possible.
  • UseMyBank is great to use on a regular basis. There are no deposit fees attached to using the service, which means more poker for less.
  • UseMyBank is a multifunctional online payment method. Use it on merchant sites or for services unrelated to online poker. Win and spend online.

What are the disadvantages of using UseMyBank?

  • European and Canadian players may use the UseMyBank service. This provider is not available to residents in the United States.
  • There is no withdrawal function for UseMyBank. This means having to register for another account anyway.
  • You can only load your UseMyBank account with your bank account. Credit cards are not accepted at all.