Solo Poker

What is Solo?

Solo is an electronic banking solution, a debit card that can be used to transfer money into poker accounts online. It is very similar to Visa or MasterCard in that it is a card function that enables the already committed member to gamble online without having to register for any sundry accounts. Used mostly in the United Kingdom and in Europe, this is the definite solution for credit card users who would like a card function that is not consistently rejected by banks and poker rooms. Solo is a safe system for transferring your funds online.

How does it work?

Because Solo is a debit card it will be accepted more often that credit cards at the online poker sites. Assuming you already have a Solo debit card, go to the poker room of your choice and find the payment methods section. Click on the card option and select Solo as your deposit choice. Enter the amount you would like to have uploaded and play. Unlike credit cards where you are billed monthly, this debit card will remove the cash from your bank account in a few days. There are no maximum deposit restrictions per deposit but you cannot send anything less than $20. Solo is not available to people outside of the UK and Europe.

How do I get my money out if I win?

The same way the money is taken from your account, it can be put back in. When you win a lucrative game of poker online and you would like to draw your money out to use, what do you do? Request a withdrawal from the poker room and they will deposit the money back into your card, crediting it with your winnings. Buy anywhere online or off with that card or draw the money out at an ATM. It’s so simple, fast and effective it’s becoming one of the UK’s best online debit card functions.

What are the advantages of using Solo?

  • A debit card is more widely accepted online than any credit card is today. This is due to the increase in fraud and identity theft.
  • Unlike many cards, Solo does not limit your deposit amount that means you can play for longer and for higher stakes.
  • More and more online sites are accepting Solo as a payment option because of its reliability.
  • Your bank handles your Solo account. Solo itself has no access to your details. This means guaranteed safety and security for your financial transactions.

What are the disadvantages of using Solo?

  • Bank transaction fees are still applicable.
  • If you ever have a problem with your Solo card you will have to go into your bank and ask someone there to help you. Solo itself cannot be held responsible for faulty cards.
  • This service is not available to residents of the United States. Instead their affiliate company Maestro will handle US card holders.