PKR Poker Bonus

PKR Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $800

PKR offers brand new players to the poker room a 100% bonus match up to $800 in free casino chips. This bonus is meant to be very flexible, and is only available to brand new players at PKR, if you’ve never had an account with PKR poker and you want to claim this bonus, simply click here.

To receive the bonus match players will need to deposit at least $10. If a player deposited $10, that player would receive $10 in free poker chips, if the player deposited $20, they’d receive $20, and so on. Needless to say to get the best value out of this bonus offer, a player wants to deposit as much as possible, up to the $800 cap.

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Freeroll Bonus for New Players

Another poker bonus PKR offers to brand new players comes in the form of tournament tickets. Every player joining PKR Poker and taking advantage of the above PKR bonus offer qualifies for six freeroll entry tickets.

These tickets get players into exclusive real money player only tournaments, so there’s no freeroll whores invited, only players that play for real cash money.

PKR Points Bonus

Brand new depositors at PKR are also given 1,500 in PKR Points which can be used to purchase PKR Swag or other cool merchandise that you can keep for yourself or give away as gifts, including some very cool electronics. PKR Points can also be used for entry in the Premium Freerolls we discussed above.

Once you’ve made your deposit, using any link on this page to PKR Poker, and have inserted our special bonus code PKRONLINE, which qualifies you for this offer, your bonus will appear in your ‘pending bonus account’ at PKR.

To get the money moved into your actual PKR bankroll, you’ll need to get it released by playing poker. PKR Poker gives players 60 days to clear their bonuses. This sixty day period begins the day you make that initial deposit. To clear the money, or get it released, you play poker and earn PKR points.

Every time you play poker at PKR, whether it be in a multi-table tournament, a sit n go tournament or at ring tables you will be earning PKR points. Every dollar you spend on tournament entry fee’s earns 100 PKR Points. The same goes for rake. For every dollar you spend on rake playing at cash tables you earn 100 PKR points.

For what it’s worth, you can also buy PKR points from the Poker Shop at PKR.

For every 225 PKR points that you earn, one dollar of your bonus is cleared. At the end of the sixty-day period, or when all of the money is cleared, it is placed in your real money account. Once you have the money you’re free to cash it out, play poker with it, or do whatever you do with your PKR bankroll. It’s free money, and it’s your free money.

PKR Poker Bonus Code

If you paid close attention, you’ve already read it above, but just to make sure in case you’ve missed it, the bonus code to get our offerings is PKRONLINE. To be absolutely certain to get the PKR Poker bonus, make sure to use one of the links (or buttons) on PKR Online in combination with the previously mentioned PKR bonus code.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please have a look at my friend’s PKR site. He has listed a fine selection of PKR bonus codes, besides a nice review and regular updates of promotions running at PKR.